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  • Automatic Tufting Machine Maintenance Attention

    add time:2016-12-01 10:17:40

         Compared with the previous old tufting machine, current automatic flocking machine use quite convenient and quick. However, many people don’t know how to maintaining. Now we share several points on how to maintain automatic tufting machine.  
    1. Keep guide rail and screw rod clean, avoid clutters adhere to them, thus affect positional accuracy of the machine.
    2. Make sure electric box is on ventilated working environment, avoid humid or high temperature and prevent acute vibration.
    3. Do not knock on touch screen with something hard, cause this will lead to decrease of  touch screen sensitivity, or glass broken even more seriously.
    4. Pull cables too heavily is prohibited.
    5. Electric box has high voltage. To prevent electric shock or damage the system data when the fault occurs, do not open it except professional workers.
    6. Operator should often add lubricating oil on moving parts of tufting machine, in this way wear between machine will be reduced.
    7. Regularly check if screw is loose, if so fasten screws in time.
    8. Electric box can't work under the environment of strong electromagnetic field, or it may not be controlled. 
    9. Correctly input power wiring (red, blue, yellow line respectively connect 380 v three-phase line, green line to the zero line, yellow and green wire to ground line), pin number 1, 2, 3 are 380 v line, 4 is zero line and 5 is ground wire.) Working voltage should be stable and keep in AC380-10 v, because if you use higher voltage, electronic components may be burned.

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