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  • Common Faults and Solutions for Tufting Machine

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    High-speed toothbrush planting machine transmission structure is composed of main drive shaft and four servo drive shaft system.  Four servo axis respectively are level X axis, vertical Y axis, turing Z axis and molt U axis. XY axis determine the position of tooth brush hole. Z axis ACTS function as a replacement to the next toothbrush and U axis change the tooth brush color. When spindle motor runs, four electric servo axis run also, if spindle motor stops, the remaining four axis servo will stop. The speed of the spindle axis determines hair planting speed. Four servo axis respond to spindle axis requirements, otherwise there will be a hair removal or not neat hair. Shuangrun brand high precision electric servo control can reach 1000 times/min hair planting speed, and even can jump holes to plant hairs.
    Currently tufting electrical control system structure consists of single chip control system and CNC system. Among which, the single chip control system gives priority to automatic system manufacturer  integrated services. Independent research and development plays an auxiliary role for toothbrush equipment manufacturer. More superior CNC system is Delta PUTNC H2P and EU-Japan etc. imported brand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
    Tufting machine is a processing equipment for all kinds of brush products such as toothbrushes, hair coloring brush, wire brush, comb, fruit washing machine brush roller, grinding brush roll flocking etc. At the earliest it is hand-operated, then developed to electric, and now with the development of automation, various CNC high-sped tufting machine is developed.
    Planting head is the main mechanical part of tufting machine. Main actions of hair planting are: picking wire, cutting wire, forming wire, bundle up filament by steel wire, planting filament into hole. Planting head complete above actions by connecting rod and cam structure. Equipment positional accuracy, for example, workbench positional accuracy, if any gap on mechanical structure, repeated accuracy from slow to fast in working processing, what pusher and motor used for control system.  
    Keep good daily maintenance of the equipment, make the equipment clean, clean up the dust, clutter and waste in time, add lubricant in time, make good protection of wear and Rust prevention work. Regularly check the quick-wear part, timely replace excessive wear parts, and avoid to affect product quality due to the wear parts. Besides, regularly check equipment line and replace the wear lines.
    Ensure electrical box in a ventilated working environment, avoid damp or high temperature, preventing severe vibration. Also, electric box can't work under the environment of strong electromagnetic field, otherwise it may not be controlled. 

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