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  • Shuangrun SR1-2 numerical control planting-fibre machine

    Technical features:
    1. The entirety rack is weld by the No.45 steel plate in high quality and the thick wall square tube. The main rack assembly unit is installed with QT500-7. The main supporting plate is made by aluminium alloy 7075.
    2. Stress relieve and remove inside stress after welding the rack. Then process the parts through machining center to protect the accuracy of the machine.
    3. Blast sand before painting oil. The level of surface cleaning is Sa(GB8923-88). Twice undercoat and polishing and finishing coat.
    4. Mounting adjustment of the machine driving medium has been accurately adjusted by major technician. Adjust it to the requirement after the first starting up. Accuratetly adjust the machine to the best station after the second pilot run.
    5. The key pneumatic element machine valve air cylinder of the machine uses the importing products, for example, Japan SMC is reliable and with low failure rate.
    6. The electrical control system complies with international standards. It’s safe and reliable and with high antijamming capability. The electronic control cabinet is equipped with natural cooling installation , foot pedal and touch screen ,which is convenient . The system can save 1000 procedures and work out sample procedure, which is flexible. During the process it can be altered the function which is valuable to make the authorized strength more efficiency.
    7.Use the power-driven one-shot lubricating system to lubricant passage way. It is used to automatically oiling the rocker bearing, guide rail, drill slideway, mouth, staging gear and sliding plate. The time and interval can be adjusted.
    8. Servo axle is equipped to the machine : principal axis, staging(axle X, axle Y, axle Z, axle U, axle V ), wire feed axle W. The advanced numerical control make the high speed operation more reliable, as well as the parameter adjustment. The noise is lower than before because the vibration is smaller.
    9.The machine has all kinds of functions, with the drill unit equipped with 2 drills, the planting-fibre machine with 1 planting-fibre head ,so that it can drill and plant and can choose between monochrome and two-tone.

    Range of application:

    (1) Applied material to brushing board Plastic, Board
    (2) Applied brushes Slab brush ,Dish brush, toilet brush, etc
    (3) Applied material of planting hair Nylon wire and plastic wire, flora and fauna wire(pretreatment)
    (4) Applied ways Martin
    (5) Applied length ≤240mm
    (6) Applied diameter 0.17<∮<1.2
    (7) Applied mouth standard 3.0,3.5,4.0,5.0,5.5,6.0
    (8) Applied diametre 3.0,3.2,3.5,3.7,3.8,4.0,4.2,4.3,4.5,4.8,5.0,5.2,5.5,6.0,6.5


    Techinical parameters:

    1 Run-in period stipulation Make 100 thousand brushes
    2 Principal axis speed in the run-in period Must ≤320 turn/min
    3 Outer-principal axis speed in the run-in period 320—480 turn/min
    4 Normal efficiency 350—380 holes/min
    5 electrical apparatus control system 450 holes/min after run-in period(not good)
    6 electrical apparatus control system Taida Tanwan
    7 Route of the Mao-mouth 70mm
    8 Route of axial X 320mm
    9 Route of axial Y 400mm
    10 Route of axial Z 180mm
    11 Route of axial U 120°
    12 Route of axial V 80°
    13 Main motor power 2kW
    14 Machine tool total power 10KW     
    15 Power supply 380V,50hz
    16 Supply gas pressure 0.6-0.8MPA
    17 Machine overall dimension 2.2m×1.8m×1.8m
    18 Total weight of machine tool 2.3 ton

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